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High Performance Detox

Taking You Offstage for Steps Toward Wholeness

Traditionally, as women, we are taught that being a high performer is a badge of honor worthy of our pursuit. However, rooted in a need for attention, very often it's this high performance mindset that ultimately leads to feelings of failure and emptiness. This book will show you how making one key decision -- the decision to step off-stage to identify and consider your true feelings about the roles you play, separate your core desires from learned desires given to us from others (parents, educators, coaches, employers, leaders, relationships). Through the offstage journey, you will make changes and mind shifts, as appropriate, to each focus area (health/self-care, relationships, career/community involvement/profession) and STEP BACK ONSTAGE, performing well, healthfully, and fulfilled, because you know yourself better and are living authentically. This will bring you enriched passion, new purpose, and increased prosperity. 

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Book Talk Radio Club Interview 18 May 2019

I recently chatted with Claire Perkins from Book Talk Radio Club about my book High Performance Detox, the inspiration behind it and why it is an excellent resource for every person interested in living a better, more productive, and satisfying life.
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