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Book Talk Radio Club Interview 18 May 2019

I recently chatted with Claire Perkins from Book Talk Radio Club about my book High Performance Detox, the inspiration behind it and why it is an excellent resource for every person interested in living a better, more productive, and satisfying life.
You can visit my official Book Talk Radio Club page here

About Me

On-Stage Life


Represented by Page Parkes, I am a commercial actress passionate about wellness. As a Registered Yoga Instructor and Speaker, I merge yoga principles and life coaching to help clients with personal and career coaching needs. 

Off-Stage Life


As a writer & published author, I love sharing my journey from stressful to mindful. In my book, High Performance Detox, I introduce readers to what it means to live on-stage, to step off-stage, and to create their best stage. I speak about roles we choose and squashing limiting beliefs that keep us from our purpose.

Holistic Wellness


Helping people live PAIN-FREE is my goal. This includes physical & emotional pain. I love serving as a connector to several resources bringing  solutions to those searching. I am a Yoga Teacher & Reiki II Practitioner.